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Meet up and get connected. Expand your network and boost your career opportunities.

What Makes It Awesome

Only professionals

No anonymous users. Straightforward profile info like title and company.

Featured events or restaurants

Introduce you nearby events and good restaurants that other users recommended to us.

Search existing events

Search by restaurant name, organizer's name, city name and zip.

Add you own event

Auto-complete result with restaurant name and address that you can choose.

User profile

Set your interests an favorite food types and etc. All other info you care: events list, friends list, favorites, recommendations and more.

Message and notification centers

Chat with individual or within group. Receiving notifications on friends requests and event updates and more.

How It Works

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Message center
Message center
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The journey of idea to product

Mar 2014: Started writing high level use cases and design.
May 2015: Finished detail design and requirements.
Jun 2015 Development started.
Oct 11, 2015: First iOS version is approved and available on Apple Store.
Oct 22, 2015 First Android version is approved and available on Google Play.

Frequently asked questions

You might have the same questions as well

How to add a friend?

Go to "Me" tab, tap on "Friends" or "Friends List", select add friend icon on top right, there you can search by id, phone number, email or name. Then choose "Add" from search result to add as friend. Notes: "Added" means request was already sent or you are friends already. Bonus: you can even scan his/her QR code and add as friend as well.

Can I search events other than my current location?

Yes. From "Search" tab, tap on "Restaurant or User" field that bring up search dialog. Enter city name or zip code to search by different location.

What is info like "2/4" under thumbnail image?

4 means maximum seats organizer chose is 4. 2 means current confirmed users(including organizer) are 2.

What is the purpose of points?

The main purpose of points is to tell how active this user is. It is credibility kind of thing. Another purpose of points is for us to reference when choose users to send gifts like coupon, gift card and etc.


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Tired of eating alone? Want to meet professionals from the same industry of yours? Looking for a job referral or talented professionals? Lunch Buddy app is where you can start. Meet and get connected. Expand your network and boost your career opportunities.

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